When it Rains, it Pours Awesome Ads!

Today’s discussion is topical in that it has been raining here for so long our sun-deprived pale bodies are now also puckered. Its rained a lot. My dog is green like a sloth from rolling in damp grass clippings. Anyway…

Morton Salt’s venerable slogan and image has been around since 1914 and was created to advertise that the good salt folks had finally figured out a way to keep salt from clumping in humid weather. The national campaign also promoted the new packaging which included a convenient pouring spout. Simple, elegant and effective. “When it rains, it pours”

Modern Morton Salt print ad.Feels fresh, but respectful to the brand's history.
Modern Morton Salt print ad. Feels fresh, but respectful to the brand’s history.

I may beĀ Ad-nerding out, but the image alone is genius. It’s raining and the salt is still flowing. I’m sure it quickly caught the attention of 1914 housewives who were sick of gouging salt out of the packaging any time it was misty out.

Proving even the best of campaigns can have a rough patch, please enjoy this ad from 1931 where these ladies just can’t even…

Lumpy salt is just too much for these ladies. I imagine the hostess will never live down the shame.

Remember to give your kids plenty of salt to avoid the plight of “backwardness at school.”


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