Faygo Boat Song

I grew up, and still live, in Metro Detroit. I have distinct memories of wonderful tv ads from my childhood that my adult self can now see as true gems. During the heyday of the auto industry, many of the best advertising agencies had branches in Detroit in order to be closer to the Big 3 auto makers. This resulted in some of the best local advertising ever broadcast as regional businesses engaged the services of these top notch ad firms.

Many of these ads have become part of the local tradition and have lived on in nostalgia though generations. No ad is quite as beloved as the  Faygo Boat spot. Faygo is a Michigan soda maker (we call it pop here!) whose signature flavors include Redpop and Rock n’ Rye. No mitten-state party is complete without a 2-liter of Faygo!

Putting my childhood aside, this ad is great for its ability to evoke emotions of nostalgia, family and a bygone era. It makes you remember a simpler time of summer days and innocence, likely a time that never truly existed.

Make sure you sing along!


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