Just One Ad – Snickers has Gone Nuts on Sports Illustrated

It’s no surprise why folks love Snickers’ “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign, we have it to thank for the comeback of Betty White! Also, everyone can relate to being so hangry you behave in bug-nutty ways.

For Sports Illustrated always anticipated Swimsuit edition, the candy makers have unleashed this ad which has caused titillated folks the world over to pause and say “eh…what the hell…”

snickers retoucher_5_
You want to look away and yet you can’t

Both engrossing and just sort of gross, it’s also rather funny. Some poor schmoe  photo editor was so damn hungry not even this fine young lady in her undies was enough to keep him on track.

The message: eat snickers or you’ll screw up and folks will be mad.

Oy, the belly button, the weird baby toes, the floating hand reminiscent of a Dan Brown novel. It’s rather compelling in a hidden picture sort of way. Everybody loves a good “look how the photo retoucher messed up!” story. See here for some great (and by great I mean terrible) examples.

On the other hand,  associating your product with hedonism and nearly-nekkid ladies isn’t the worst idea as far as advertising goes.


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