Khakis Swing

In 1998 Gap managed to be on the vanguard of TWO emerging trends; the late 90’s swing dance fad and a hot new special effect that would soon be scrambling our brains in The Matrix. Featuring the “Bullet Time” effect, Gap managed to make a boring staple of casual Friday cool and aspirational.

Also, Louis Prima can make anything cooler. Anything.

If the goal of advertising is to “sell the sizzle, not the steak” then this ad delivers like Domino’s. You want to be here, with these people, dancing like that and if wearing Gap khakis will get you there then Sign.Me.Up.

Hey, I also wanted to share what the camera set-up looks like for the bullet time effect. Check this out:

bullet time cameras
Pretty slick there, 90’s camera dudes!

And finally, a pic of Aunt Mary on her day off



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