Just One Ad – It’ll Tickle Yore Innards!

Behold the Mountain Dew! Rested upon the lips and shirts of basement dwelling D&D gamers and Xtreme Sports athletes alike, surely its noble history is filled with delicate and nuanced advertising to a mature and refined audience. Let’s look, shall we?

Hmm…Guess not…

This Hanna-Barbara looking ad from the 1960’s featured long-time mascot Willy the Hillbilly voiced by Grandpa Jones, a legendary country star and banjo player. Willy was retired in 1969 when the makers of “the Dew” decided to court a younger and more “outdoorsy” market.

If you’re like me you are left with a lot of questions after viewing that ad. Questions like:

Who decided hillbillies were the perfect brand ambassadors?

What does “tickle yore innards” really mean? Is it code for something dirty?

Why is “your” spelled yore? mountain dew yore

Did they know Mountain Dew was a euphemism for moonshine?

How many times can I watch this before my tilted head and questioning expression are permanent?

In general, I just don’t get Mountain Dew’s advertising choices. This year’s Super Bowl ad (Puppy Monkey Baby) is still going strong and I seriously don’t get it. I understand the new drink if made of 3 things that go together (juice, Mt. Dew and the tears of mothers whose sons are Mt. Dew drinkers) but it still creeps me out.

Then again, Aunt Mary is neither a young man nor particularly outdoorsy and therefor not in their target market. My innards shall remain untickled.

That really does sound dirty.

Aunt Mary’s face when this ad comes on.

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