“Can” I Have Some Meat?

Shhh…. my kids don’t know I’m writing the blog, so everybody just be very quiet. They think I’m folding laundry or else they would be on me talking about Pokemon or what some volgger is doing or asking for their fourteenth Popsicle of the day.

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means: retro food!

Today: Meat in cans. After WWII food manufactures were itchin’ to see what else they could cram into a can with those keen technological breakthroughs in food preservation. Then they spent a lot of time telling housewives why their meat in a can was the only thing keeping their man at home.

First up, Morrell’s E-Z Liver Loaf.

I find this family totally charming until I remember they are seriously loosing their minds over tinned offal. And really, is a NEW kind of meat a good thing? Shouldn’t we already be acquainted with our meat options?

Liver Loaf 1
Betty here calls Bob her B vitamin. 

This ad could also work for cult recruitment or those folks who really REALLY want you to know about their open marriage. Nobody has ever been this excited about filter organ sandwiches.

ribs in a can
Six worldly spices!

Not just Meat, it’s the Meatiest. Come a-running!




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