Back to School, Back to Cool (Ads)!

School is back in session and so is the Storytime! It’s been a great summer but it is time to get back to the work of perusing ads in all their many forms and glories.

Let’s kick off this season of learnin’ with a bevy of back-so-school ads.

Staples seemed to have it together for a few years there, dominating the school supplies market.

When I ask people about their favorite ads (yes, I do that) this commercial is often brought up. Even if you are totally geeked about your kids going back to school, this just isn’t nice. Funny and relatable, but not nice.


Here’s Darnell from “My Name is Earl” being super cool.


Also, these ads from my copy of Parents Magazine from September, 1950.

1950, when the hot trend was for middle schoolers to look like tiny insurance salesmen.


I found this ad fascinating because it was advertised to parents during the post WWII building boom. As communities worked to keep up with infrastructure demand, someone thought to nudge the parents. I would love to know if it worked!


Does Stride Rite make these shoes in adult size because I’m totally in. The hat too.

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