Oh, the Wells Fargo Wagon is a’Coming – to insult us

Aunt Mary loves when advertising is in the news. People talking about commercials? Heck yeah! So, I would like to extend my hearty thanks to Wells Fargo for stepping in it something huge this week.

In case you missed it, the venerable finance company put out an ad that seemingly implied that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers are superior to those in the arts.


Predictably, folks lost their collective cool and took to their twitters to give a thorough helping of what-for.

It seems folks don’t care for being insulted by a group that wants their money!

Setting aside the vital social need for fine and preforming artists, businesses need artists as well. “Creative Types” are the people who spread the word and garner interest for products and services in the form of web and graphic design, copy writers, advertising, package design and display creation. Artists are designing greeting cards, wrapping paper, fabrics and housegoods! I know somebody whose job is to design the carpet for hotels and casinos.

Furthermore, we need to set aside this idea that creative work doesn’t pay. I have numerous friends who support themselves by their artistic talents including work in fine arts, comic books, music and clothing design as well as teaching. Last time I checked, their money bought craft beer and brownies too.

I must also add that it seems a little wrong for them to be ripping on actors since there is an entire song about Wells Fargo Wagon in a famous play! Didn’t think about how’d that looked, did ya, W.F?

It appears that Wells Fargo has moved on to a bigger mess (in the form of allegations of customer fraud) so the least of their worries is a botched PR campaign. I sure hope someone comes up with a creative idea to help them!



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