The Cake is a Lie! Sugar Isn’t Always so Sweet.

Are you feeling sluggish? Tired? Are you trying to loose some weight or are you concerned about your heart health? Perhaps your husband has a wandering eye?

I have the product for you! A cure-all that’s good for what ails ya! What is this miracle of miracles?

Why Sugar, of course!


You’re cured and free to go about your day with health and vigor! Healthy sugar has fewer calories than an apple…why not put it on everything!


And, as always, sugar was there to make sure the ladies kept it tight and right.


Well, not so fast there…News this week has reported evidence that the Sugar Industrial Complex “massaged” research data from that 1960’s that found that sugar, and not fat, is a cause of heart disease and other health concerns. Pushing fat as the bad guy, Big Sugar was betting something would have to replace the fat in our favorite foods and they were ready with a solution. Sugar!

Seeing advertising used for such nefarious purposes hurts my heart…evidently in more ways than one.





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