The Heartbreaking Beauty of John Lewis Holiday Ads

Gather ’round the tree, kids! The Holidays are now in full swing and British department store John Lewis has released this year’s holiday commercials that are apparently designed to warm the soul and grow the heart of any would-be scrooges or grinches.

Continuing our Friday theme of “Music Makes the Ad,” both commercials are supported by remakes of classic rock songs, tenderly reworked to squeeze every emotional drop from viewers.

First, “Moz the Monster” set to Brit rock band, Elbow’s remake of the the Beatles’ “Golden Slumbers.” The ad shows the blossoming friendship between a child and the monster who lives under his bead.

On a “Aunt Mary Good Cry Scale” (AMGCS) of 1-10, I would rate this at a 7.  Emotions were felt, but I could pretty much hold it together.

Next, an animated long-form ad called “The Fox and the Mouse” set to a cover of Ah-Ha’s “Take On Me” performed by Andrea Begley and featuring Jack Park and Isabel Mcgillies.

On the AMGCS – a 35.

Kids, I’m not afraid to say I full-on ugly cried during this ad. I cried watching this ad, I’m crying now while writing about it, and I’ll probably remember it later on and cry in the grocery store check out line. It’s truly beautiful and tells a story everyone can relate to. My suggestion: watch this any time you mistakenly over-estimate your emotional fortitude and read the comment section of an online article causing you to lose faith in the world.

John Lewis’s has truly managed to encapsulate the meaning of the holiday season by capturing the magic and excitement of childhood and by showcasing peace and goodwill to your fellow travelers. Could these be some of the best ads ever?

Now, if you will once again excuse me…


2 thoughts on “The Heartbreaking Beauty of John Lewis Holiday Ads

  1. I love the fox and mouse ad. So sweet. You can understand and feel all of the emotions in the ad even without spoken words. Good choice Aunt Mary!


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