Aunt Mary

There is a hidden story behind everyday items.

Unseen forces pull strings we don’t even know exist.

Shadowy figures have changed our world.

No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist! I’m just fascinated by the little-told stories of the actions that shape our world.

pink pills

My name is Mary and ever since I was little I have been an Ad Nerd. All through my life I have been passionate about the story behind the product, the meaning behind the message, the slight of hand of the spin masters.

I shush folks during ad breaks and talk during the show. I look forward to the Super Bowl with reverence usually associated with a lunar eclipse. I refuse to buy products with sub-par ad campaigns. I grab a Snickers bar when I’m hangry because commercials from my childhood convinced me I will not only be satisfied, but will score the winning goal in the big game if I choose their product for a snack.

More than anything, I love to share stories about the fascinating ways people have found to spread their message. Here I plan to peek into the little known schemes that have changed the landscape of our marketplace. We’ll talk about things such as:

  • what’s happening on “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!”?
  • who talked women into smoking?
  • what’s the deal with cake mix, anyway?

We will also take the time to just appreciate really good, weird, or fun ads!

So, gather ’round kids! It’s time for Aunt Mary’s Advertising Storytime!