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Big Game Snacks!

Superbowl Sunday is almost here! For we ad nerds, it’s a huge deal and I hear some other folks, mainly sporting enthusiasts, also enjoy it. Look at us all coming together!

Whether it’s the ads or the athletics that lure you to the warm glow of a television, there is one thing we can all agree on: Snacks! Everybody loves the snacks! Do you like salty? Sweet? Meaty or veggie? There are snacks for you, my friend!

If you are especially committed to the football theme, Aunt Mary may have some retro recipes to help you out.


Do you have an inflatable football-shaped bowl, and not a thing to put in it?



Let’s harken back to the days of helmet-free football and government mandated chili meat.  (Best not to ponder too long on what made him “Jet Propelled.” All I’m saying is its an ad for chili…)



You know what they say, nothing goes better with football shaped meatloaf than a side of gum!  Incidentally, we have seen this campaign for Wrigley’s Gum before, over at  Aunt Mary’s Facebook page. Glad to see they branched out to all manner of events!

Home Run!

Be sure to join me this Sunday on the Aunt Mary Facebook page for my second annual live blogging of the ads. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Go sports!


Ad-vent Countdown

Kids, if advertising was a religion, then Super Bowl Sunday would be the holiest day of the year. In honor of this very special and exciting time join me on my new Facebook page every day until the big game as I feature the best and worst of Super Bowl commercials throughout the years. I call it Aunt Mary’s AD-vent! (Ha! Get it!)

Then be sure to join me on Facebook during the game for the 3rd annual Aunt Mary’s Super Bowl Ad Viewing Jamboree! I will live post my thoughts and impressions and hear what you have to say as well. I also understand some burly millionaires will beat the snot out of each other at that time too.

Until then, let’s support our East Coast friends as they ride out this year’s Snow-my-God snowstorm.  May your craft beer and Netflix last through to the end. In your honor I present one of the best commercials ever, the classic Volkswagen Beetle Snow Plow spot.