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You Gotta Have Art!

I’m obsessing over the Comedy Central Show “Detroiters.” Not only is it seriously funny, but it features Detroit in amazing fashion.

Slow Roll? Check.

Coney Dogs? Yep.

Vernors? Oh Yes.

This week they showed off one of the truly magical places in the Motor City: The Detroit Institute of Arts. With its world-class collection and beautiful building located in the heart of vibrant Midtown, The DIA is a gem Michiganders are rightly proud of.

Obviously, seeing the Diego Rivera fresco on TV sent my thoughts to one of the best local commercials ever produced: the 1970’s TV ad for the DIA. Anyone of a certain age who grew up in Metro Detroit knows this ad.  As a kid in the 80’s I thought the commercial was super corny but now it’s oh-so-70’s vibe finally feels sort of refreshing and charmingly retro.


Just to press the point on how cool the DIA is, check out this photo. You may be cool, but you’re not this lady sitting in the Kresge Court in the DIA cool.