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I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying – Thanks Subaru

There are some truths in this world.

It takes longer to choose a Netflix movie than it takes to watch a Netflix movie

That person in front of you at the grocery store self check out? They have no clue what the’re doing.

Hot caramel apple cider is delicious.

Anything that has a dog in it is probably going to make you cry.

Being a dog lover, I was happy with Subaru’s addition of adorable dogs in their commercials.

Whatcha up to, Dog?

And then I realized the dog in this commercial is dying.

The list of happy dog activities, the owner’s look of enduring love and knowing grief, the dog’s joy…

Hold on…


And yet, I can’t hate this ad.

An estimated 65% of Subaru drivers are pet owners and Subaru has brilliantly curated their advertising to this niche market. From this mensch of a guy treating his dog to one last road trip, to fleshing out the shower thought of “where would my dog go if he could drive himself” campaign, they really have figured out how to speak to the dog lover’s spirit in a respectful and knowing way.

That is the key to good advertising, find out who your potential customers are, figure out what they value and tell them you get it and this is how your product fits in with their life.

Now, if you will excuse me