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Big Game Snacks!

Superbowl Sunday is almost here! For we ad nerds, it’s a huge deal and I hear some other folks, mainly sporting enthusiasts, also enjoy it. Look at us all coming together!

Whether it’s the ads or the athletics that lure you to the warm glow of a television, there is one thing we can all agree on: Snacks! Everybody loves the snacks! Do you like salty? Sweet? Meaty or veggie? There are snacks for you, my friend!

If you are especially committed to the football theme, Aunt Mary may have some retro recipes to help you out.


Do you have an inflatable football-shaped bowl, and not a thing to put in it?



Let’s harken back to the days of helmet-free football and government mandated chili meat.  (Best not to ponder too long on what made him “Jet Propelled.” All I’m saying is its an ad for chili…)



You know what they say, nothing goes better with football shaped meatloaf than a side of gum!  Incidentally, we have seen this campaign for Wrigley’s Gum before, over at  Aunt Mary’s Facebook page. Glad to see they branched out to all manner of events!

Home Run!

Be sure to join me this Sunday on the Aunt Mary Facebook page for my second annual live blogging of the ads. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Go sports!


A Study in Casseroles – Recipe Wednesday

Today’s retro recipes are from Aunt Mary’s personal edition of “Casseroles” published by Favorite Recipes of America in 1968. All of the recipes in the book were submitted by readers, making them a leader in group sourcing content long before the Huffington Post thought they were so cool.


Leafing through the book, one thought kept creeping through my mind: is it better or worse that the interior photos are black in white. Does it make them more or less appetizing? I’ll let you decide!

This Tabasco Beef Ring has a whopping 1 1/2 teaspoons of Tabasco Sauce to two pounds of ground beef. 
I’m not sure if it’s the chunkiness or the shininess that make this so worrisome. 
Janie thinks she’s so fancy because she’s been to Canada. 

I especially enjoyed that each recipe is accredited to its submitter in full honorific detail. In typical contemporary fashion, the ladies are listed as their husband’s name such as Mrs. Frank Schnozzel, South Bend; or by their given name if unmarried, Betty Birdpants, Tacoma. By all means, let’s make sure to let everyone know if this person’s cooking is good enough to snag herself a man!





“Can” I Have Some Meat?

Shhh…. my kids don’t know I’m writing the blog, so everybody just be very quiet. They think I’m folding laundry or else they would be on me talking about Pokemon or what some volgger is doing or asking for their fourteenth Popsicle of the day.

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means: retro food!

Today: Meat in cans. After WWII food manufactures were itchin’ to see what else they could cram into a can with those keen technological breakthroughs in food preservation. Then they spent a lot of time telling housewives why their meat in a can was the only thing keeping their man at home.

First up, Morrell’s E-Z Liver Loaf.

I find this family totally charming until I remember they are seriously loosing their minds over tinned offal. And really, is a NEW kind of meat a good thing? Shouldn’t we already be acquainted with our meat options?

Liver Loaf 1
Betty here calls Bob her B vitamin. 

This ad could also work for cult recruitment or those folks who really REALLY want you to know about their open marriage. Nobody has ever been this excited about filter organ sandwiches.

ribs in a can
Six worldly spices!

Not just Meat, it’s the Meatiest. Come a-running!



Recipe Wednesday

With Memorial Day approaching in the US, Aunt Mary thought you might need a little inspiration. The following is from my personal copy of Better Homes and Gardens “Meat Cook Book” from 1968.

I could post so many more recipes and images, but the book is a treasure trove of WTF that I plan to keep on mining for a long, long time.

meat 1

As far as retro food pics, these are not the worst I’ve seen. Not exactly appetizing, but not boggling gross either. I think we can all agree the real star of this show is the too-cool grill. It’s like the James Bond of grills. If you don’t have a martini while using this grill you have missed an rare opportunity to increase your cool factor. The apple plates and encroaching fake jungle may take down the new-found hipness just a bit though.

Meat 2

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