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Memorial Day Picnic – Ad Style

Happy Memorial Day weekend in the US! As the unofficial start of summer there is one thing everyone wants to do: Grill Out! Let’s see what’s on our vintage ad picnic menu, shall we?

First up: hot dogs! So convenient in a can! I can see thousands of cold-war era backyard bomb shelters stuffed to the rafters with cans and cans of wieners. Why, the nuclear winter will seem like a picnic with all those hot dogs!

canned weiners
If you are trying really hard to get Middle Schoolers to laugh, you can’t go wrong with the phrasing “Can o’ Wieners” paired with “Sack o’ Sauce”
By “a little bit you you!” I’m pretty sure they mean “internal organs.” 

Or maybe we can tempt you with a hamburger, fresh from the tin?

burger can 2
“Say, I know! burgers in a can, ya see?” 

Let’s not forget the condiments! What’s a picnic without ketchup?

Folks must have had a lot of time to read ad copy back in the day. I’ve asked Uncle Mary to call me his angel whenever I buy new ketchup, but he had declined. 

Or folks losing their minds over mustard?

This is everyone’s favorite style of vintage ad! It hits me right in the ad loving spot.

…and to wash it all down?


Seagrams cookout
I have never wanted anything more than to be at this party. 
Brewers Memorial Day
If I can’t be at the Seagram’s party, can I be here instead?

Many wishes for a happy and peaceful Memorial Day!


Recipe Wednesday

With Memorial Day approaching in the US, Aunt Mary thought you might need a little inspiration. The following is from my personal copy of Better Homes and Gardens “Meat Cook Book” from 1968.

I could post so many more recipes and images, but the book is a treasure trove of WTF that I plan to keep on mining for a long, long time.

meat 1

As far as retro food pics, these are not the worst I’ve seen. Not exactly appetizing, but not boggling gross either. I think we can all agree the real star of this show is the too-cool grill. It’s like the James Bond of grills. If you don’t have a martini while using this grill you have missed an rare opportunity to increase your cool factor. The apple plates and encroaching fake jungle may take down the new-found hipness just a bit though.

Meat 2

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